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One single interface, many tasks

Assista merges all your productivity apps into a single interface, empowering users to execute tasks seamlessly from one spot.

Trusted by over 200+ users
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Grow as You Go

Easily scale your productivity with Assista's flexible framework, accommodating teams of any size.

Unify Your Tools

Seamlessly connect and manage all your essential apps like Slack, Gmail, and Asana in one place.

Protected Data

Experience peace of mind with Assista's advanced security measures safeguarding your information.

Simplify Your Workday

Dive into a world where productivity meets simplicity. Assista transforms your cluttered workflow into a streamlined process, allowing you to focus on what really matters.

Streamline with Ease

Transform chaos into order with just a few clicks.

Adapt and grow, no matter the demand.

“Assista helped our team's productivity, making project management feel effortless.”


“Working with the Ozzy template has been a total breeze!”


“Working with the Assista  has been a total breeze!”


Customization at Its Core

Tailor Assista to fit your unique workflow, ensuring an experience that feels personally crafted just for you.

Adaptable to Your Needs

Assista evolves with you, learning your preferences and automating the mundane, so you're always a step ahead.
Trusted by over 200+ users

Feature breakdown

Intuitive Natural Language Understanding
Command your day using everyday language – Assista understands and executes flawlessly.
Effortless App Integration
Connect your digital world, from Slack to Notion, for seamless interaction and reduced switching time.
Flexible Voice and Text Commands
Whether you're typing or talking, Assista adapts to your communication style for unparalleled ease of use.
Automated Task Management
Set and forget your routine tasks with Assista’s automation, turning complexity into simplicity.
One-View Activity Feed
Stay informed with a consolidated view of your updates, notifications, and schedules in one place.
Unmatched Data Security
Work with confidence knowing your sensitive information is protected with industry-leading security protocols.
Personalized User Experience
Enjoy an assistant that learns your habits and tailors its responses to your unique workflow.
Cloud based
Seamless access and storage of data, anywhere.

Reclaim Your Time, Amplify Your Impact

Embrace the change that brings about a 70-80% reduction in time spent on recurring tasks. With Assista, witness a significant transformation in how your day unfolds, leaving more room for innovation, creativity, and growth.

2-3x faster

task delivery

Empower Your Workflow Like Never Before

We’ve built a tool to give your brain a break from the information overload and context switching so you can focus on the actual work to be done.

Trusted by over 200+ users