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Trusted by over 200+ users

How it started

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"Empowering humanity through innovation, we're crafting AssistA to evolve into the indispensable operating system of work. It's a formidable journey, but with a steadfast focus on serving people, success is inevitable."

Burca Paul - Founder

How it started

Assista originated from our struggle with the chaos of using multiple productivity tools.

We've crafted an AI-driven platform, blending real-world insights and innovative tech, to streamline and enhance workplace efficiency.

Team members

Burca Paul

CEO & Founder

Anton Zaharia

CTO & Co-founder

Christian Vuye

CPO & Co-founder

Darius Prahanca

Senior Engineer
Trusted by over 200+ users

One single interface, many tasks

Assista merges all your productivity apps into a single interface, empowering users to execute tasks seamlessly from one spot.