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Save 16 hours per employee using Assista. Say goodbye to useless notifications, ineffective tasks, and switching between apps.

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200+ happy users

We help SMBs by reducing your operational costs. Here’s how I do it:

  • Automating routine administrative tasks
  • Enhancing customer relationship management with AI-driven insights.
  • Streamlining inventory and vendor management
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"I think I can now finally focus on actual goals instead of finalising the tasks!"
Sandra Djajic - Founder of Klu

We help freelancers by freeing up more time for more gigs…

  • Managing multiple client projects with automated scheduling and reminders.
  • Improving invoice and payment processes with integrated financial tools.
  • Offering 24/7 client support through AI Agents, enhancing service availability.
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"I'm using Assista AI for a week now. Currently I'm using for the mails and believe me It will really save a lot of tim for all of us"
Hardik Bandhiya - Full Stack MERN Developer

We help startups by helping you scale

  • Accelerating product development with AI-powered project management tools.
  • Optimizing resource allocation with predictive analytics to maximize productivity.
  • Enhancing team collab with VA features for scheduling and task management.
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"Excited about the idea of being a central hub for workspace integrations."
Kostandin Angjellari - Building Quinvio

We help digital agencies by revolutionizing employee and client engagement…

  • Streamlining product strategy with automated drafting and publishing tools.
  • Enhancing client reporting with real-time analytics and data visualizations.
  • Streamlining inventory and vendor management
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"This is so cool and necessary, to get all those tools under one dashboard with an AI assistant. Very nice indeed!"
Micha Cassola - Design and AI

We help sales representatives by taking care of the low-ticket work…

  • Automating lead generation and qualification to focus on high-potential prospects.
  • Enhancing follow-up efficiency with AI-driven reminder systems and personalized messaging templates.
  • Accessing real-time customer data to tailor pitches and improve conversion rates.
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"This is pretty great. It's exactly what we all dreamed. Stellar work!"
Trent Kelly - Head of Sales

We help students by freeing time to plan and adding time to study…

  • Organizing study materials and schedules with AI-driven planning tools.
  • Enhancing research capabilities with access to information and summarization
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"Assista saves me an incredible amount of time that I can use for learning, instead of constantly checking unnecessary notifications."
Charlotte Avery - Student

We help content creators freeing more time for creating content…

  • Enhance creative processes with AI-driven content suggestion engines.
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"Anything that can and will help me be more productive in my workspace, I'm all for!"
Rob Hallam - Maker of Indiedex

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You can't focus longer than 8.25 minutes

You keep checking your phone for notifications
You keep switching tasks
You are being pulled from all sides

“Assista helped our team's productivity, making project management feel effortless.”

Batista Olivier

“Looks super cool! A big change to how you work.”

Michael Yagudaev

“Working with the Assista  has been a total breeze!”


Andrew’s approach:

  • Andrew asks Assista to plan out his day
  • Assista plans and executes all tasks
Total time taken: 90 seconds

Amount of tasks completed: 5

Luka’s Approach:

  • Thinks about how to plan his day
  • Begins to write out his plan
  • Realizes he misplaced a task
  • Doesn’t know where to start
  • Randomly selects a starting task
  • Realizes he forgot to send an email
Total time taken: 3 hours

Amount of tasks completed: 4
200+ happy users

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Feature breakdown

Intuitive Natural Language Understanding
Command your day using everyday language – Assista understands and executes flawlessly.
Effortless App Integration
Connect your digital world, from Slack to Notion, for seamless interaction and reduced switching time.
Flexible Voice and Text Commands
Whether you're typing or talking, Assista adapts to your communication style for unparalleled ease of use.
Automated Task Management
Set and forget your routine tasks with Assista’s automation, turning complexity into simplicity.

Empower Your Workflow Like Never Before

We’ve built a tool to give your brain a break from the information overload and context switching so you can focus on the actual work to be done.

200+ happy users